Who inspires you?

Isn’t it such a joy having a positive figure in your life? To have someone that seems to have all the right answers to your wrong ones? I love reading and watching women who send such positivity and empowerment out into the world. My favorite? It definitely may seem a bit cliché: Oprah Winfrey and Lauryn Hill.

Let me breakdown both of them for you:

Icon, talk show host, and millionaire Oprah Winfrey has by far made her mark throughout time. But that isn’t why I am inspired by her work. Watching old videos of interviews with her, she talked about being turned away from so many job opportunities, being booed many times by crowds: yet she never gave up. When asked why she simply stated, “this is my calling, to inspire and touch lives; it was never denied, just delayed for me to work harder.” Isn’t that how we all should think? When we may feel like we didn’t get what we wanted in life at our time preference, it does not mean that it was denied, it means it was simply delayed. Patience and prayer is what Ms. Winfrey has taught me, and I still carry these values with me.


Ms. Lauryn Hill, fashionista, music legend, and actress. There isn’t anything that this lady cannot do. What captured my attention with her was not only her music, but her lyrics. I’m sure we all know the song: “Doo Wop, That Thing,” right? (If you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend that you do.) Those words hold such power and relate so much to life. My all-time favorite line throughout the song is: “how you gonna win, if you ain't right within?” That statement alone applies to so much for me. We can wish for the good life all we want, and may feel like we are “winning" in life, but spiritually, are you truly winning? Both of these ladies are my daily motivation that I carry with me. It’s so humbling to hear stories of how they came up as some of us, and made a remarkable journey throughout life. I challenge you to think about who most inspires you? Whether it’s your mom, a celebrity, or even your elderly neighbor, what impact have they had on your life?

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