Number one rule in life, ENJOY LIFE.


Is it just me or are all the goals I set for myself usually accomplished and maintained by someone either way older than me, or in a totally different circumstance?

I want to be a Model, an Opera Singer, a Teacher, a Pedagogue Influencing Social and Economic matters for minorities, etc. These goals, listed or unlisted, are goals that can not be accomplished overnight. And guess what? That is perfectly fine. Sometimes we find ourselves harping so vigorously about what we don't have or what we want to accomplish that we forget or ignore the small accomplishments we make everyday.

If you want to be in any field that requires a degree, then rejoice in your scholastic activity everyday. If you want to sing, then every moment you have to share your gift is a moment that you should relish. Whatever your goal is, enjoy the ride! The goal is never an accomplishment, the accomplishments come from the character you build on the way up. 

p.s.  Who really wants to be around someone who takes everything seriously anyway...