Not feeling confident? Here's a little secret!

Don’t you love when you have your hair popping, or have that perfect outfit that gives you that figure you always wanted?

How does that make you feel? Hold on to that feeling. There are times where that may seem hard because of how fast our moods can change, right? Personally, I give off the perspective that I have the most confidence ever. And majority of the time, I do. But there are always those moments where I don’t feel “pretty.” As I’m sure some of you ladies may feel that way at times, too.

Here’s a little secret to what helps me. I go in the mirror, take off all of my make up, and simply stare. (It may sound a little weird, but it helps!) I stare at my smile, my hair, my eyes, and everything about me. I look at the beauty within myself, and how amazing I am. Growing up in such a competitive generation, all we see is the “it” look. There are times where I yearn for that Kim K booty (and still do sometimes, lol) but I had to realize that I wasn’t built like that for a reason. I believe we are all specially designed for our own personal purpose. We aren’t supposed to have the “it’ look because it simply wasn’t designed for us. It’s like putting together pieces to a puzzle. You have a puzzle, but every piece isn’t meant for every part. Every piece is specially designed for something to make the perfect puzzle, correct? That is exactly how we are as humans. Love who you are, not the person you want to become. At 20 years old, I didn’t realize the importance of self-love. I always was the type to have a boyfriend, or a boo. Growing up as an only child, I was alone a lot and so I promised myself when I got older that I was never going to be alone. But I was sadly mistaken and I didn’t realize how important it was to be alone and love yourself! I started taking myself out on mini dates, and enjoying my own company, and believe it or not, that has such a great impact on your confidence! Whether it’s to the movies, nail salon, or even in your own room. Take some “you” time out, and watch how it will change you!  As Lauryn said, “How you gonna win, if you ain't right within?”