Love Thy Self!

Self-love and Self-care, is it the same?

I think we all have our own personal takes on self-love. Is it just being nice to yourself? Or actually enjoying what you see in the mirror? I mean, in today’s society, I feel like it teaches us not to love our self.

From the images on television and mainstream media, to shows like Love and Hip Hop -which show women constantly being disrespected and dis-valued on a weekly basis.  I feel like we live in a world which shames women for almost everything. So yes, it is hard to self-love naturally because it seems damn near impossible and is a rare sight. The question isn’t does he love you, the question is do you love yourself? How do you show yourself love? Is it by morning affirmations? Morning Yoga? Weekly green juice? Weekly planning? There are so many ways to show yourself love.

I personally am working on being consistent with my self-care routine. It is so easy to get distracted and carried away with daily routines and daily life but the goal is to never be too busy to love and care for yourself on a higher level. Even if it means making a phone call to your very best friend. Do something that makes you feel good! We live in a world that constantly projects so much negativity onto us. It is crucial to stay focused on your inner you and building yourself up to continue to battle in this world of ours. Can we encourage ourselves to practice some type of self-love, everyday?  Is that possible?! One self-care practice a day will make the world a better place.

Personally, my self care practice consists of:

1.       Taking walks around my block

2.       Doing Yoga

3.       Writing (like for BE sisterly)

4.       Speaking with my sisters and best friends

5.       Reading and journaling

6.       Juicing

Those are my favorite self-love and self-care tips! What are yours?

Let's share and keep each other motivated!