I'm Poppin', Are you?




Natural Hair products are my vice, what is yours?

What is the one thing that you do to yourself or for yourself to feel good? Regardless of what that thing is, have you done that this week?

Natural hair products are like drugs for me; the amount of money that I've spent on natural hair products from August-April could buy two cars, maybe three. As ridiculous as that may sound, I have absolutely no shame about it. Buying and using Natural Hair products makes me feel good and on top of feeling good about taking care of my hair... my hair is POPPIN'!

The time and energy you spend caring for yourself is visible, and that doesn't just mean your hair. We all know when we see someone that looks like they don't take any time to care for themselves; it is the same way someone looks at you when you aren't taking care of yourself. Find out what your thing is, and whatever that thing is, do it, and do it as often as you can.