Are you searching for Inspiration or need help finding your Passion?

Since deciding in 2014 that working a 9-5 was not for me, I have faced many challenges. My main challenge would have to be staying inspired. Deciding to become an entrepreneur is an amazing decision that will help you shape your future and desires but I feel like no one talks about the other side of deciding to start your own business. It is a journey for sure. I decided to share a few tips to help people like myself stay inspired on this road of entrepreneurship.

1.       Surround yourself, with like minded spirits.

2.       Write down your action plan!

3.       Relax and love yourself for being so bold and daring for doing the unthinkable! (You go girl!)

4.       Exercise and keep your mind, body, and soul Healthy!

5.       Do the best you can on your new chapter of life.

6.       Be open to detours and other routes to achieving your goals.

7.       Think of the outcome, not the process

I find these tips crucial for the road to entrepreneurship. I am speaking from my three years in the game. I have changed my focus quite a few times and I believe that is normal when finding your passion. You do not have to have all the answers and do not let anyone make you think you must have them all.

Now this leads me to another group: maybe you are working and doing something with your life that you are not crazy about and you are wondering… how do I find my passion? Should I take this risk and do XYZ…? Well I would say this: in order to find your passion, you must sit down and assess what it is you wouldn’t mind doing for free! Then go in and assess your skills, strengths, and qualifications. Once you have that, review your strengths and find a lane that is not created and create it, in your own way! Add your own touch and make it soooo unique that it becomes your specialty. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. If you start something and decide to change your mind, please do not beat yourself up! It will only slow down your process. Enjoy every part of the journey! You will reach your goals or desires. As long as you stay focused and determined. I hope this article reaches you well! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email and follow me on Instagram @RachZeig

Stay golden, stay inspired, and keep working towards your goals!