Peer Pressure has always been corny. Honesty is key!


Peer pressure is so lame in any form, whenever you make a decisions to do anything it should be of your own fruition; anything other than that is completely corny. 

Empowering yourself comes in many forms, never get so caught up in "Trying to be Nice" that you are dishonest with yourself and your own needs. 

Learn how to say NO. Saying no does not make you "MEAN" it makes you honest, especially when you mean NO but feel pressured to say YES. 

At all times you must uplift yourself and empower yourself and your decisions, whether they are "good" or "bad" decisions, those choices define the perception others see your character to be. 

The prime element of a strong moral fiber is honesty, pure unadulterated honesty, and that starts from within.  Even if you choose to lie to everyone you meet... you MUST be honest with yourself. The most confident people in the world are confident because they understand what their missteps are and they own them. Think about this, how could you expect to date someone and have an honest relationship with that person if you are not honest with yourself... (foreshadowing... the cheating Scandal). Sisters, it is our job to uplift each other, but we can not do this without honesty. Remember beautiful Flowers don't grow in shaded areas, The most beautiful rose grows strong in full view of the sun.