Mentor-ship, Sisterhood... you know what I mean!

Hey! Listen up girls!

As humans, we have the tendency of being our worst critic. The moment we think of all the things we "should've" accomplished, or imagine the dreams that aren't currently reality.....we automatically assume we are failures.

Know that it is VERY important to have a strong support system (and I am not talking about family.)

It is important to build strong connections with individuals:

  1. Who you aspire to be like,
  2. Whose opinion always holds value, or
  3. Who has always been a shining light!

Seek mentor-ship from people who can help you build your empire brick by brick. Not someone who will stand around and tell you what to do. (That's not support!)

I challenge you to:

Cultivate/create a new friendship/mentor-ship with someone whom you admire. Set up a lunch date and put all of your positive energy into this new relationship. For it will always be the positive fuel you may need, if you ever run out!