Re-defining GIRL CODE

Hey girl!

So, you've watched that MTV show, Girl Code, right? I mean we all have; it's super funny! But that's not the code I'm talking about. 

You know the code that were all supposed to follow, but never really got the memo? I mean that long list of stuff we "know" we shouldn't do because we're "girls"? You got the email right? NEITHER DID I!

I always hear about "girl code" but I never knew what the code actually was! I feel like the current list consists of instant eye rolling and talking behind each other's back like Mean Girls! But honestly, that's not the type of code I want to follow. 

Imagine if we all had a code, sort of like the Ten Commandments, that we all knew about. Some type of code that uplifts us without trash talking each other..... what changes do you think would happen?

Well, here's my ideal Girl Code. Maybe we should give it a try!

  1. Thou shall never talk behind your sister's back! (Set up a Starbucks date, and solve the issue over a frappe)
  2. Thou shall never date your sister's ex-boo or last seasons crush. (Let's be honest, she'll say she doesn't care, but we all care!)
  3. Thou shall always spill the tea with your sisters! (Let us know about the new boy you've been texting!)
  4. Thou shall always post poppin' selfies of your sister. (Save the ugly ones for group message.) 
  5. Thou shall always respect, encourage, and motivate your sister.
  6. Thou shall always share your shopping tips, (especially if it includes a discount/sale!)
  7. Thou shall always provide a shoulder for your sister to cry on. 
  8. Thou shall compliment your sister on her off days, (let's face it! We all have off days.)
  9. Thou shall love your sister. 
  10. Thou shall support your sister.

What do you think? I like this list, I might actually send it to all my friends! Maybe you should too. Comment below 5 rules you would add to our Girl Code.