Curiosity Killed the CAT!

This post is long, but very very very important!

Most girls dream of the day, they can finally call themselves a woman and I'm not talking about starting your period! Losing your virginity is a huge decision to make, and for those who are sexually active (you know what I'm talking about.)

You see, women are so animated. We watched Love and Basketball and really think losing our virginity would be just like Monica and Que "epic fail." Trust me, I could've waited! All the girls from school bragging, and peer pressure from your crush can become overwhelming and in other cases it sparks your curiosity. But remember: Curiosity killed the cat!

I'm talking to my virgins when I say this, NEVER BE ASHAMED! You should be very proud of yourself, you're so strong to hold out on the pressure of this society! Of course we were created to reproduce, right? But that doesn't mean we need to rush. A lot of responsibility comes with sex, seriously. HIV, STD's, and regret are serious issues that could arise. Now, I'm not saying everyone's first time is horrible, nor am I saying everyone regrets sex and has an STD. But it is very common.

Hear me out for a second, imagine a precious pearl tightly kept inside an oyster. Freshwater pearls are a delicacy and can be sold for hundred of dollars. " You are priceless!"  If you are unfamiliar with the process a oyster must go through to produce its pearls (I encourage you to research it, very interesting stuff!) Keeping that analogy in mind, think of how precious your "pearl" is to you. You want to make sure you give a suiting person this prized possession, not just anyone deserves it!

I am the oldest of four siblings, which means I was the first to lose a tooth, the one to clean up after everyone, and the first to make my own mistakes (I don't suggest sneaking out, I got caught big time lol). When I made the choice to lose my "pearl," I took these things into consideration:

  • Was I in love?
  • Would this boy keep my business private? (Let's be honest, some boys are going to brag!)
  • If I were to get pregnant at my CURRENT age, would he be supportive? Could I even handle a child? What would my family think?

Of course, way more thought went into this huge decision I made. But at 16 years old, I gave away my pearl, and boy I could've waited! It was painful! Nothing like the movies, and to be completely honest, (I cried when I got home). I am a bit dramatic (lol), and after a few days I was fine, but it wasn't the experience I dreamed of!!

I share all of this because I am not ashamed, and my little sister will tell you, (Hey Cece!), I will suggest you wait as long as you can! It gets better eventually, (another post, another time). But For my High School Girls, 9 times out of 10, he isn't worth it, and you'll be happy you waited.

I encourage the rest of you to share your stories (if you are comfortable of course.) This a secretive topic.  Many girls are uncomfortable talking with a parent, and we turn to friends. Majority of the time, they don't have the answers either. It's our job to give them the knowledge we already have!