Our Impact

It is BE Sisterly’s primary goal to enhance the personal and academic pursuits of our members.


our mission

Through BE Sisterly, we have integrated the primary structure of a sorority to solve the challenges girls of color face daily. By introducing girls of color to a sisterhood, we will create a positive image for their communities, as we teach them how to redefine girl code in a way that is collaborative, authentic, and sisterly. BE Sisterly will also expose members to a platform of leadership, by challenging them personally, academically, and professionally


our connection

Girls of color often face many systematic issues such as racism, poverty, and a lack of a quality education. Due to these limitations, there is dire need for girls of color to receive mentorship and leadership opportunities. While there are several programs that aim to assist girls of color thrive, there must be additional resources to increase these efforts.


our impact

BE Sisterly's most important potential for social impact is to provide girls of color with the resources to achieve their goals. BE Sisterly has, and seeks to provide access to positive mentors, a sisterhood of like-minded girls, and assistance with educational resources. It is our hope that these resources, and other tools, will inspire girls of color to pursue their goals and be more confident in themselves.