The Sisters

Meet Carmen, Founder and Cecelia, Co-Founder.


Carmen Knight

“Through BE Sisterly, I have created the opportunity to live out my personal mission as a positive influence.  I created BE Sisterly after witnessing my younger sister Cecelia struggle with the same social issues I once struggled with in high school. Once I was equipped with the experience and resources to create a platform for sisterhood and leadership for my sister, I founded BE Sisterly.

I am passionate about collaborative creativity and strive to build connections with empowered women to build a powerhouse for the purpose of networking. As an active sorority member of 5 years, I am a living testimony of the impact sisterhood truly possesses. Through membership to Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated., I was introduced to platforms of leadership and developed an undoubting level of self-confidence. I have learned that "empowered women, in turn, empower women." Through BE Sisterly, I am living out my purpose to inspire girls of color to follow their dreams.”


Cecelia Knight

I have always found myself running to my sister for help, advice, and company! I always mocked her, because I wanted to be just like her. Carmen is one of the most responsible and independent women I know. BE Sisterly is an organization for girls who do not have a BIG sister like Carmen. In this generation, life can be tough without a BIG sister to guide us and I am more than happy to share mine. BE Sisterly has created a platform of leadership for me and I am so proud to be a part of such a powerful sisterhood.